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Another survey...

Name- Tara
Nicknames, including from family - Shorty, Sexy, Calli, Strobe, Layder
Birthday - 3.7.82
Age- 19
Astrological sign?- Aries
Chinese zodiac sign?- shit, i dunno
Location- Hopkins, MN
Sexual Preference- strictly dickly
Marital Status- serious relationship
Current Haircolor- Dark Blonde
Eyecolor... W/ & W/O contacts- Blue/green
Parents still together? Yeah
Syblings? Charlie- 22 Allison-14
Pets? Dog Nokio
In school/graduated? Graduated 2000
Rent, lease, or own your home? Rent
What do you do for work? Para Professional
How much do you make? Enough
What do you drive? Me- Black '95 Ford Explorer, Steve- Red '99 Eclipse

Black and White/Color: Dark Grey
Black/White: Black
Red/Blue: Blue
Dogs/Cats: Hound Dogs!
Roses/Daisies: Roses
Beer/Liquor: Liquor
Underwear/Thongs: THONGS!
Hair: Short/Long: Short
Boots/Shoes- shoes
Food: Mexican/Italian- Italian
Dark/Light- dark
Day/Night- night
City/Country- city
Sheets: Solid/Animal Prints - solid.
Sub/Dom - ???

Color- Dark Grey
Animal: seals
Vehicle - Cadillac Escalade
Flower: Yellow Rose
Beer: Anything light
Liquor: Skyy Vodka, Smirnoff Ice, Vodka, Gin, 99 Bananas
Soda: Dr. Pepper
Food: Ranch Dressing, Spaghetti, Pasta
Book - Shit dude...
Author - ^^
Musician- 2pac, Bone Thugs, St. Lunatics, Fabolous, B.I.G., Bubba Sparxxx
CD- Bone Thugs The Collection Vol. 1, Word of Mouf- Ludi, Notorious B.I.G- Born Againn
Song- Hey Luv- Mobb Deep feat. 112, Breakdown- Mariah&Bone, Lets Ride- B.I.G & Bone
Movie - The Fast and The Furious
Director- don't really care
Extracurricular Activity- Smoking pot...
Color your hair? No
Have tattoos? Yeah, on my lower back a small flame w/ the words "Vetti Venni Vicci" surronding it... its tight
Piercings? Belly Button, and soon a stud in my nose
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? Boyfriend

Have you...
Stolen anything? yeah
Smoke? I gotta quit
Pot? All day
Crack? Yeah
Drink? Hell yeah
Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? Yeah
Been so drunk you didn't care that you couldn't remember your name? Yup
Posed for nude pics? Nope
Considered a life of crime? Yeah
Considered being a hooker? Yeah
Maybe a pimp? No
Cheated on someone? Yeah
Been married? no, almost 2wice
Been divorced? no

Are you psycho? No
Split personalities? No
Schizophrenic? No
Obsessive? No
Compulsive? No
Obsessive Compulsive? No
Panic? No
Anxiety? No
Depressed? No
Suicidal? no
Homicidal? no
Genocidal? no
Pedophile? no
Obsessed with hate? no
Mutilate animals? no
Idolize infamous criminals? no

*Kissed someone:Yeah
*Been in love: yeah
*Been so drunk you blacked out: yeah
*Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend: yeah
*Kept a secret from everyone: yeah
*Set a body part on fire: hair count?
*Had an imaginary friend: no
*Called or seen a psychic: no
*Ever cried at a chick flick: yeah
*Had a crush on a teacher: yeah
*Found a cartoon character attractive: yeah, not in a serious way though
*Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the block tape: yep
*Watched Punky Brewster: yeah
*Prank called someone: yeah
*Eaten a whole box of cookies and thought you were fat after: yeah
*Been on stage: yeah
*Gotten in a car accident: yeah

*Wear eye shadow: sometimes
*Have a dog: yeah
*Want a tattoo, and where: "SMS" on my ankle
*Have any regrets: no
*Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yeah, Steve.... we live together
*Crush: yeah steve
*Do you have a best friend: yeah steve
*Who do you go to for advice: Molly
*Who knows all your secrets?: Steve
*Who do you cry with: Molly & Steve

*God/Devil: yeah
*Yourself: yeah
*Your friends: yeah
*Aliens: yeah
*Love: yeah
*The Closet Monster: no
*One person for everyone?: yeah
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