JiGgA WhAt? (lookits420) wrote,
JiGgA WhAt?

Survey Says...

1) Have you had sex more than once: yes.
2) Tried any other positions besides missionary: yes.
3) Used your hands for sexual purposes on a partner & vice versa: yes.
4) Performed and/or received oral sex: yes and yes.
5) Swallowed: yes.
6) Done 69: yes.
7) Used food for sexual purpose: yes.
8) Had sex in a car: yes... eclipse (difficult) and explorer (easy)
9) Had sex in a public place: no.
10) Had soreness or pains due to sexual activity: yes.
11) Stripped for someone or a group of people: ys
12) Had anal sex: no.
13) Had sex with someone you barely knew: yes.
14) Spent the night in a bed with someone of the opposite sex, without anything sexual happening: yes.
15) Practiced any weird fetishes: no.

1) Smoked cigarettes: yep
2) Drank alcohol: oh yeah!
3) Puked from drug usage: yes
4) Sniffed permanent markers or white out to get "high": no.
5) Smoked the killer weed [marijuana]: yes.
6) Smoked crack, or any other drug: meth
7) Tried heroin in any form: no.
8) Tried ecstasy: 4 times
9) Bought illegal drugs: yes.
10) Sold illegal drugs: yes
11) Had drugs in your possession at school: yes got busted once
12) Done any unusual drugs: does DXM count?
13) Took sleeping pills: yep
14) Took caffeine pills: yes.
15) Used 3 or more drugs at once: no... two at a time
16) Tripped acid: yes.
17) Overdosed: no.
18) Taken something you didn't know what it was: never
19) Gone to school/work on drugs: all the time
20) Been caught by your parents while you were on drugs: no... been around them, but not caught

1) Favorite type of music: rap
2) Least favorite type: shit.. i dunno
3) Favorite Song: I have alot... right now "Down ass bitch" - Ja Rule
4) Least Favorite Song:
5) Best concert youve ever been to: Cypress Hill
6) Most "puck rock thing" you ever did: Umm... no
7) From what type of source do you listen to your music: in my car... its got beats
8) What do your parents think of your music: hate it
9) What do you think of your parent's music: some od its ok
10) Decade that produced the best music? 90's
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