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JiGgA WhAt?
7 March
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I'm the coolest motherfucker you'll ever meet. I make friends easily. I have been engaged 2 times with no success and am deciding to just date for a while. I Smoke pot, pop pills and drink. But I'm happy with life no matter how shitty it can be at times. At the ripe old age of 18 I got pregnate and lost a baby at 19. What a way to start...

You think you know...

"Nobody cry for me, Cause I wanna see you smile for me, when I die" - Ja Rule

Jermaine Alex Benjamin
I wish I coulda been your mommy longer

Justin Camden Adamas
The streets finally took ya.
We all love you and miss you.

Gotta say whats up to my girls.
Hannah- Your my fuckin girl, ryde or die
Molly- Girl you always been there. Keep it real
Shannah- We been through shit but I luv ya
Nicole- Jus keep it real... keep it real
Lindsay- When we gonna kick it again?
Steph- Youre tight as hell.. luv ya

To my boyz...
Steve- You are my baby boy! Watchin... :)
Dustin- Monkeyman... ur my second boy!
Danny Boy- Your bomb dude... keep it real
Zack- You are wild as fuck... your cute tho!
Adam- Watch the mood swings and you'll be ok
Anthony- Dont O.D.
Zach- You my nigga
Dan- Are you gonna stop drinking and come home?

"We were tryin so hard, hard to survive. Cause even though we were young, we had to stay strong.No matter what we went through, it was me and my crew, And that's how it went, when we were kids"- Ludacris 'Growing Pains'

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