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Last Chance for Inventory Clearance

Steve an I got busted shoplifting today. We were at Marshall Feilds jacking hella shit cause we were gonna just turn around and sell it to this store that buys brand name clothes. Actually, it wasnt me stealing. That was all Steve. I dont steal anymore since i'm on prohbation till i'm 20. So we walked out of MF's and this one undercover cop stopped us right as we were leaving. Actually he didnt stop us, he followed us all the way around the whole mall cause we were going to the car, way way far away. They followed us literally the whole way there. They never stopped us, they just followed us all the way there. 15-20 min tops. We ditched the shit, and walked back into the mall. We knew we were fucked, so we went outside and sat on the curb and waited for them. Officer Asshole came out and talked to us. In the end they couldn't press charges cause they didnt actually have us on tape doing anything. So they basically had to let us go. The "big" punishmet was we had to get off the property in 5 minutes or we could get charged with tresspassing. I was so fucking scared. I CAN'T get busted for anything for another 2 months or I get my lisence suspended for a year. That would suck too seeing how close I am to being off prohbation. It was pretty shitty. It all worked out ok though.

I love Steve. I am SOOO in love with that man. I never EVER felt like this with Bernell or Matt. I think those two were just... I dont know. They were different. I am so in love with Steve. I dont even know how to explain it all I know is that I dont ever EVER want to not be with him. He seriously is everything I've ever wanted in a guy. There is nothing more I can ask for from him. He is perfect. Maybe not to other people, but to me, hes perfect. I love him so much. I can't stop saying that.I love waking up to him, going to sleep with his legs wrapped around mine. I love the way he talks. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!

I am so sore! Steve and I wrestled yesterday. Damn was that full contact. When we brawl, we go all out. The only rule is no punching. We're fuckin on the floor on top of eachother trying to pin the other person down. We do crazy ass shit though. He likes to slap my ass really really hard and give me wedgies and shit. He fights dirty like that. It was fun though, but it hurts today!
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