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23001 Candlelight Drive...

I baby Steve too much. He's got strep, and I am totally babying him. I make him all his food, get him water, medicine, whatever he wants. Good thing this shit comes back to me when i'm sick.

He's still coming out with me tonight though. Thats good. I dont want to spend a Friday night without my baby. We're meeting up with our friend Nicole and then going to this dude Tim's house to party. Good times. I hope at least. I hope Steve doesnt die first.

He got his Eclipse back last night. Thats exciting cause he hasn't had it in 2 months. Its been broken. I love that car. This is also good, cause now we wont have to put hella miles on my truck any more. We look like we have so muhc more money w/ the Eclipse anyways.

Dan is a funny motherfucker. He lives with us. I dont know if we've been over this before, but he's 23 years old, and he is our housemate. Hes fuckin cool as hell. He got a new girlfriend. Shes always over here. Her names Katie. Shes quite young. 17. Wow Dan... goin younger. But oh well. Steve and I are 5 years apart. Nothin wrong witht hat really, I just never pictured Dan with a girl 6 years younger than him. They are cute together either way. He's happy, She's happy, she's cool too, so I can deal.

Ok, I gotta go get ready to meet Nicole. Peace
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