JiGgA WhAt? (lookits420) wrote,
JiGgA WhAt?

Call The Tangney

What up?!? I havent written in a while. Not that much has happened. Actually, I can't remember alot. I've been drinking alot lately, and I find myself blacking out more than I want to. Its amazing how when you drink you really gotta be with people you trust. I do such fucked up shit when I'm drunk, and if I wasnt with someone like Steve I would probably be raped and dead by now. He doesnt really like to drink, so he always takes care of me. I like to get completely shitfaced. I need to slow down though, I could easily get out of control.

Last week Steve and I went out to dinner with his mom, and her boyfriend, and then my dad and mom. Wow, that was interesting. Disaster. I hate it when our families are together... i gotta bounce, more later,
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