JiGgA WhAt? (lookits420) wrote,
JiGgA WhAt?

the best part of wakin up

I havent written in here in so long. Steve and I are leaving for Las Vegas tonight when he gets home. We're driving out there with Molly & Daren, Travis & Christina, and Steve & Jenni. Were all taking seperate cars obviously (thank god). I might have to switch cars with someone for a little bit though cause I dont think I can be with steve that long. Its a 30 hour drive out there not including stops. So lets see. I don't think I could possibly spend 30 hours in a car with Steve. Actually, it might be possible, cause were driving straight through so half the time one of us will be sleeping. Thats a sraight day driving. This is gonna be a bitch, but I'm excited. Its gonna be fun. I gotta bounce tho!
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