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Take us home for dinner!

Whats up? Well, within the past few weeks alot of shit has happened. Steve and I made up and he moved back in and everything went good for awhile. Until... I caught him cheating on me. CAUGHT him. So you wanna hear the story? Alright. So I had to pick up Layla early from daycare cause she had pinkeye. Steve was unaware of this. I came home a good 3 hours before I was supposed to. So I pull up in the driveway and there is his car, and some other car that I hadn't seen before. He was supposed to be at work too. So I walk in the house and go into my bedroom and there Steve is fucking this other girl. SHES FUCKIN 17 YEARS OLD!!! I wanted to kill him. I told her to get the fuck out of my house before I stuck her in the face and I told him to do the same. I didn't talk to him for like 4 days, or let him see his daughter. Actually he did see her. He picked her up from daycare and then stayed with her at home until I got there and then he left. We are still seperated and not really speaking except to discuss Layla. I'm so hurt. I dont even know what to do again. I'm legally bound to this man who I really don't want to be with. I'm not the girl that guys cheat on. I don't allow that. The last guy that cheated on me I left in a heartbeat and never returned to. I fuckin wanna kill him. But he's my babies daddy and my husband. I don't know anymore. MARRIAGE BLOWS!!!
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