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CA cash refund...

I miss my baby. I miss him so so much. He's been gone since 6:00 this morning. First he had to go to work, and then he had to take his 6 year old sister to the hospital. He had to leave work early to pick her up from daycare and take her to the hospital because she has some shit in her lungs. I miss him so much.

Its so cute. Steve loves his little sister so much. He's 18 years older than her, and I guess he kinda thinks of her as his daughter or something. Its really cute. He loves her so much. Shes so adorable too. Her names Kayla. She has the most gorgeous long blonde hair I have ever seen in my life. Its all curly, but its in like ringlets. She looks nothing, NOTHING like Steve. She's half Hawiaan. I dont know where you find Hawiaans in Minnesota. Nothing against them or anything, but, his mom's a nutjob.

So its just me and Nokio the puppy here today. She's gettin really fat. I think we feed her too much.

I LOVE STEVE SOO MUCH!! All day thats all I've been thinking about is when i get to see him next. When is he gonna be home. I bring the phone with me everywhere incase he calls. When i see his cell phone number come up on the caller-id I answer it so fast. Every red eclipse that drives by, I watch to see if its him. I love that boy so much.

I have heartburn. Not heartache, heartburn. And i need to go tanning. I look like a fucking corpse.
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